*Disclaimer* First and foremost, until there is more scientific research done, there is no hard and fast rule on what a Sativa and an Indica is, but there is a lot of commonalities in both user experience and information published on the two different types of strains. The way a strain is grown (outdoor/indoor/hydro/soil) will affect its potency and development. Different breeders will create seeds with the same genetics, but a different outcome on profiles of the finished plant (think, same parents, but two completely different looking children). It is best to stick with this information as a “general rule” but not an end all, and discuss with your doctor what strains are most recommended for you, and give feedback to your doctor on what strains you find most helpful.

Indica plants generally grow shorter, have wider leaves, and like cooler temperatures then their sativa counterpart.

Typically, Indica plants are known to produce a great product for relieving pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stimulation of appetite. Headache and Migrane sufferers have found a lot of relief with these strains as well. Many strains of marijuana are hybrids and although this type of affect is very common, due to genetics this is not a “rule” in indica dominant strains.

It is said that the original classification of Cannabis Indica was made by a French biologist named Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785. It was noticed that the marijuana plants from India were very intoxicating, and ideal to be made into hashish. Traditional European plants had very little mind altering affects, and he wanted to differentiate the two types of plants.

The basic differences between Indica and Sativa strains are actually very few. A recent article posted by indicated that the reason that Indica strains have more of a “couch-lock” affect is the elevated levels of the terpenoid myrcene in the Indica plant. This myrcene, similar to the one found in hoppy beer, is the reason for the heavier effect. A level below 0.4% doesn’t seem to effect the energetic effect of the cannabis, but most indica’s are above this percent. That in and out of other combinations of naturally occurring chemicals in the plant cause the more sedative effect.

Indica strains smell sweeter and stronger than sativa buds, and usually have a darker appearance. Check out our Flower page to see what Indica/Indica Dominant strains we have available.

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