Chome Three Infusions

Where did Chome Three Infusions get their start?

Well, with an unfortunate case of Crohn’s disease. .

We met with owner and originator to find out how her product came to be. . .

It really started because I couldn’t afford the honey sticks but the health benefits were overwhelming” says owner and chef. “I’ve got pretty bad sciatic pain and neuropathy throughout my body and it’s helped all around.”

After spending many months refining and testing her own version of infused honey, it is now something she cannot think of going a day without.

IMG_7724I can wake up on a bad morning, so nauseated I can barely see straight. A spoonful of honey in warm water soothes my spasming stomach, calms my breathing, eliminates the nausea and stomach pain and has allowed me to eat like a normal human.”  

She went on to gift her product with other patients in her member group, and found that it had a great effect on everyone. Her success and passion for the medicine has inspired her to make it available to other patients in her private group community. She also has recently formulated a coconut oil which she says is “is fantastic as topical or Coconut Oil Chome Three Infusionseaten” and who knows what is next in Chome Three’s future.

I can have breakfast now!” she states, laughing. We can’t help but smile feeling her joy in the relief of her pain. “It’s helped as well with overall muscle spasms as well.  A great relaxed feeling for anxiety, too.”

We hope you enjoy this product as well. As stated, the honey can be consumed plain or added to tea, honey, spread on bread, whatever you fancy. Coconut oil can be used topically or as an edible product.

As always, consult your doctor for specific dosage suggestions, and with all edibles start small – they take about an hour or two to take effect. Take 1/4 of what the recommended dose is, and decide after a few hours whether you need more. Dosage will vary depending on how hydrated you are, how recently you have eaten, and other medications you are under. Use with compassion.

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