Honeybee Pharms

 Since 1996, Honeybee Pharms has been growing premium quality medicinal marijuana for patients all over California. Honeybee takes pride in evaluating each and every plant and providing for its specific needs. They use tried and true methods that have evolved over the past few decades to be the unique formula of attention and care that[…]


Pineapple – This strain from the Ed Rosenthal family is fruity (as the name suggests) and dense. Although it is Indica dominant, it is used best for Stress/Anxiety and Depression, and can also help stimulate appetite as well. When using this strain for medicine, look forward to fruity pineapple and diesel flavors, and get it while you can[…]


Harlequin is a Sativa dominant strained with almost 3 times more CBD than THC! This clear headed sativa is a mix of Colombian Gold, Thai, Swiss landrace, and Nepali Indica. Because of it’s high CBD content, it is a very effective strain for pain and anxiety. For those sensitive to THC, this strain’s CBD content[…]

Grape Kush

Potent Bubba Kush and sweet Grapefruit Romulan come together to create this sweet, fruity flower. The THC on this plant max’s at a whopping 20% due to it’s genetics. This strain is highly effective for depression and stress.  It has a cerebral effect and is very uplifting. Also can be used for pain and appetite. As always, please consult[…]