One of the most popular aspects of topical usage of cannabis is you get the quality effects of the medicine without the “notorious euphoric” effect. This means those that don’t wish to feel an altered state of being – like the one you get from smoking cannabis, ingesting pain medication, etc. – can still have a powerful pain relieving product. We have heard great testimonials from those whom are recovering from surgery, dealing with chronic back pain, have intense menstrual cramps, pulled muscles, , etc. who swear by topical herbal treatments like the ones we offer, and haven’t smoked a day in their life. See what topical treatments can do for you!


Jillybean Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil – 4 oz Jar – $50 – By Chome Three Infusions

Can be used as a topical or an edible.

Topical Suggested Use: Use as needed on skin liberally. Do not use on broken skin.


We at Ca Collective Choice care about having only the highest quality of product. As a group this is something we agree on- we take our growing conditions, plant sources, sanitization,  nutrients and the environment very seriously. When making topicals, we use the safest and best methods available to result in the highest potency and cleanest end result possible. All ingredients infused with cannabis are carefully selected and are the highest quality possible.  We are a private patient club, that has the same ideals and collective consciousness about our medicine, and that is one of the things that makes us unique as a collective.